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How Is Full Ceramic Dental Veneer Applied?

Advantages and Costs of Full Ceramic Crowns

Full ceramic dental veneer, which are one of the options used to remove the gaps and fractures caused by the loss of material or lack of support of the teeth, are aesthetic teeth designed as a block and made of porcelain.

Since it does not contain metal, the full ceramic crown, which has light transmission like natural teeth and fully meets the jaw biting and chewing functions, is stronger than metal-supported porcelains because it is attached to the tooth both mechanically and chemically. Even if the gingiva is recessed, full ceramic crowns also provide an advantage by maintaining their aesthetic appearance.


How Is Full Ceramic Crown Applied? Treatment Stages

So how are these full ceramic dental veneers applied? What are its usage and advantages to the person? Let's examine it together…

While applying full ceramic dental veneer, firstly, the teeth are X-rayed. Fractures and caries in the teeth are removed, dental filling is applied in the necessary places. Then, the teeth are measured for the full ceramic crown. After the measurement, full ceramic crowns taken from the laboratory are placed on the teeth and checked for compatibility problems. Necessary arrangements are made for the teeth to adapt. If there is not enough tooth to support the ceramic dental veneer crown, the structure can be established using a post. At the end of 2 sessions, crown dental veneer is completed and the patients can easily continue their daily life.

Advantages Of Full Ceramic Crown Treatment

While the full ceramic veneered teeth replace your lost teeth, they also help you gain your dental functions. While the closest appearance to natural teeth is obtained, there is no sensitivity to hot or cold at the same time. Since full ceramic crowns are not metal based, less corrosion is seen on the teeth. The full ceramic dental veneer does not pose any risk of allergies.

Ceramic dental veneer prices are determined according to the number of teeth to be applied, the quality of the dental veneer material, and whether different dental treatments are required. You can get full ceramic dental veneer price information after the first examination. It is useful to contact your doctor.


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