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How Is Bonding Applied?

The Most Powerful Treatment Against Tooth Caries!

Bonding application, also known as dental repair, is the repair of tooth caries and fractures, notched or coloured teeth using composite material and changing the size of the teeth. The bonding process applied to the natural tooth surface is made by fixing the natural looking teeth prepared with special materials.

Bonding, which is one of the most used preventive dentistry applications today, also removes the stains on the teeth. Pain is not felt in the treatment with minimal tooth loss. It is one of the most preferred aesthetic dental treatments as it is an application that increases the self-confidence of the person.


Bonding and Things To Be Considered

If we answer the question of how is bonding applied, we can say that it is a simple procedure applied in a single session. No age limit allows the bonding process to be easily applied in tooth fractures and losses. While bonding is applied for those who are not satisfied with the colour, shape or length of their teeth, the tooth surface is roughened by choosing the tooth colour first. In order for the bonding material to adhere to the tooth, it is covered with a tooth-compatible material. The prepared composite is applied to the tooth and the material is hardened with laser light.

After the materials are placed, shaping is done by the dentist and the treatment is completed after polishing. The bonding application, which takes an average of 30 - 60 minutes, will not cause any problems for 5-10 years if the materials used are of good quality and performed by a specialist. In addition, this period will be prolonged with proper dental care.

Advantages Of Bonding Treatment

Bonding application is budget friendly due to its fast and economical nature. It provides not only the lost teeth but also the self-confidence of the person. After the bonding process, the durability of the teeth against staining increases and the least tooth loss occurs with bonding application in the same time. In most cases, it is one of the advantages that it allows treatment without the need to anaesthetize the tooth.

After root canal treatment, bonding will give you self-confidence and comfort by restoring aesthetic appearance to teeth that have changed colour. Contact your doctor now to smile comfortably!


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