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Dil Seçimi

Dil Seçimi

Full Porcelains (Empress)

Permanent Beauty Is So Close!

Full porcelain dental veneer applications are one of the most preferred applications in the field of Aesthetic dentistry, which can be done to anyone with aesthetic concerns. Empress dental veneer is the most preferred method in intermittent tooth alignments, teeth with physical and chemical corrosion, teeth with colouration problems, birth-related deformities and tissue lesions, teeth with position disorders, and dental problems that require multiple restorations.

Full porcelain dental veneer is made with porcelains obtained by firing glass ceramic on a crystalline ceramic core compressed under pressure. Full porcelains, which have the closest form to natural teeth, have been used for years with their functional features and performance efficiency. Although it has a higher cost compared to other veneers, the result is excellent.


Advantages Of Full Porcelain Treatment

Full porcelain veneers, which are applied completely according to the needs and expectations of the person, except for the natural and healthy tooth appearance:

  • It is totally compatible with the tooth colour.
  • It holds on teeth better than other types of veneers.
  • Compared to other veneers, full porcelain dental veneer has a brighter surface.
  • These are the applications that give fast results and allow the patients to continue their daily life.
  • Full porcelain veneer is extremely resistant to corrosion.
  • It does not cause any harm to gingival health.
  • It provides the opportunity to shape the tooth as desired.
  • It gives the person a harmonious appearance to the facial structure.
  • Empress dental veneer protects dental tissue from plaque formation.
  • It does not cause oral malodor complaints.

Full porcelain, which is in harmony with all soft and hard tissues in the mouth, is easily applied and equally good as natural teeth. Although it is costly, it has been used for years with the same comfort.

Is There Any Allergy Risk in Full Porcelain Application?

One of the most curious issues of those who will have porcelain dental veneer is whether porcelain will cause allergies in the mouth. Empress dental veneer does not cause any allergic reaction in the mouth due to the use of glass-supported porcelain rather than metal. With the first prepared design, adaptation problems are observed and resolved without being permanent. Therefore, there is no need to be afraid of this application.

Full porcelain dental veneer prices; It may vary depending on the number of teeth to be applied, the demands of the person, the quality of the selected material, the need for other dental treatments and the treatment plan. It will be better if you contact your dentist to get information about empress dental veneer and the application.


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