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Dil Seçimi

Dil Seçimi

Dental Filling Applications

Which Type Of Dental Filling To Use Longer?

The dental filling is an aesthetic dentistry treatment method used to remove fractures and deficits in teeth for any reason. Dental fillings, which are used to close the gaps between the teeth or to increase the length of the teeth, also remove permanent discolourations.

Dental fillings that give the lost natural smile can be applied by the specialist dentist using different materials. It gives teeth a function as well as aesthetic appearance. Dental fillings applied to the anterior and posterior teeth are made in harmony with the mouth and gingiva with the techniques developed in recent years.


Dental Filling Types and Application Types

Dental fillings with light transmittance, that will leave your aesthetic concerns behind, and renew the colour of your teeth and your smile, meet the needs for each person. The most used dental filling types:

  • Composite Dental Filling: Composite dental fillings, which are among the types of dental fillings, are also known as white fillings, rayed fillings or laser fillings. Composite dental filling is a plastic mixture with silicon dioxide particles in it. Composite dental fillings, which are preferred because they are compatible with tooth colour, can be prepared in accordance with every tooth colour because of their wide colour scale. After the aesthetic composite filling application, the teeth can be used immediately.
  • Porcelain Dental Filling: Porcelain dental filling is the most preferred filling type in cases where there is material loss and a crown application is required. Generally, this filling method is used in teeth with high deficiencies. It preserves the natural structure and appearance of the tooth. It has a longer duration than composite dental fillings. It has more tooth-gingival harmony.
  • Amalgam Dental Filling: Also known as black fillings, amalgam dental fillings are the most commonly used filling type by dentists. Amalgam; It is obtained by mixing silver, tin and copper alloy with mercury. Amalgam, which is the longest-lasting and cheapest dental filling, is not applied to those with a mercury allergy. Porcelain dental fillings are preferred instead of amalgam dental fillings for those with aesthetic concerns.

Although the most durable dental filling type is amalgam, the most aesthetically the most eye pleasing dental filling is porcelain. The material and method to be used in the dental filling application are determined according to the needs of the patient.  

Dental Filling Prices

Dental filling prices; It is determined according to the preferred dental filling material, the number of teeth to be filled. Dental filling prices become clear depending on whether the patient needs other aesthetic or dental treatment applications.

In addition to the price, the professionalism of the dentist and how permanent the dental filling material is should be prioritised when having the dental filling. For dental fillings that are desired to be used with the same performance and appearance for years, the patient should also pay attention to dental and oral care.


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