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Dil Seçimi

Dil Seçimi

About us

Cliniqa was established to provide personal solutions to patients experiencing oral and dental health problems in Turkey and around the world with its specialist dentists in their fields of orthodontics, aesthetic dentistry and general dental treatment.

Our aim is to provide ethical and reliable service with our modern treatment methods and personalized methods by improving the oral and dental health awareness of our patients. Our vision is to be an innovative and internationally standard dental clinic by always improving our service quality.

As Cliniqa Dental World, we offer our patients a privileged and personalized, unique experience with modern technological treatment equipment as well as high hygiene and comfort conditions.

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Oral and dental health services to our patients from 81 provinces of Turkey.


Health Tourisms

Best treatment support for our patients from different countries.


Areas of Specialization

Effective oral and dental health applications for different problems.


Happy Patients

Happy patients with healthy and free smiles.

Cliniqa Dental Health Clinic

Turkey's successful dentists who are specialists in the oral and dental health field and also who follow and apply the modern treatment methods are under one roof!

As Cliniqa Dental World, which includes premium care and services at international standards, we bring you a healthy smile with our personalized treatment methods, innovative perspective, orthodontics specialists, pedodontists, maxillofacial surgeons and dentists who are experts in their fields.

Remember, your smile is very valuable for us. Meet our dentists and treatments now to look happier in life.


Dental Treatment in 48 Branches

We are at your service with our personalized treatment methods planned in accordance with the latest technology for healthy mouth and teeth.

As a systematic and integrated clinic for aesthetic dentistry, special treatments, restorative dentistry and general dentistry treatments, we open the doors of healthy life with our practices that bring permanent solutions to the problems of our patients!

Do not be late to get rid of your oral and dental health problems and obtain your dream smile and meet special treatments for you.

Dental Treatments

More than 15000 Happy Patients

Since our foundation, we have provided happy smiles for more than 15,000 patients from 81 provinces in Turkey and worldwide!

Thanks to our well-equipped clinic, quality management and high service standards, we follow the comfort of all our guests and patients with unique procedures, and provide investments, personnel and infrastructure that will keep their satisfaction at the highest level.

We make our patients a part of our family by offering reliable treatments with our expert dentists who are aware of their responsibilities!

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Get to know Turkey's oral and dental health center Cliniqa better. Take a look at our photos and videos and make the right decision to change your life and smile!

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